Data Backup is critically-important.

Data management and security are fundamental to the smooth running of any business. Your data needs to be accessible, completely secure, regularly backed up in multiple locations and recoverable in an instant in the event of accidental loss, system failure or cyber-attacks.


At Jameson Lomax, we take the headache out of securing your data by providing the best backup solutions available to your business, including disaster recovery and business continuity – delivered and managed by us but tailored to suit the needs of your business.

Our Key Solutions

On-site Backups

Solutions for critical computers and servers to aid recovery in the event of a major failure.

Off-site Backups

Laptops, desktops and servers to protect company data from loss and ransomware.

Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery planning – Put in place solutions before the worst happens.

Office 365 Backup

Microsoft doesn't backup your data, you're entirely responsible for it in the cloud servers.


The security of your data is critical to a successful business.

Make sure your business critical information is guarded and secure, cyber threats are everywhere, watch out.

Why Jameson Lomax?

With our specialist knowledge and years of experience working with technology, we aim to provide the perfect solutions for your specific business requirements and demands.

Tech Specialists

The team at Jameson Lomax are experienced and well knowledgeable in the technology sector.

IT Procurement

The ability to provide and source various equipment in short notice, including laptops, PCs and computer accessories.


We help businesses advance with a range of cost-effective, affordable and successful solutions.


With over 30 years of experience in the trade, Jameson Lomax can a distinctive service to any business.

Microsoft 365 will boost your performance levels through the roof.

Improve productivity and efficiency With its range of advanced communication & collaborations tools.