Introducing, The Cloud

Jameson Lomax host of a full suite of cloud solutions, helping your business advance and thrive from the power and flexibility the cloud has to offer.


Whether your business is yet to migrate to the cloud or you simply need added security, we can provide solutions perfectly suited to your requirements with no time wasted.

Our Key Solutions

Office 365

Hosted email servers to keep your business running when all else fails around you.

Hosted Servers

Enable your users to work remotely with our hosted Windows servers, easy and accessible.

Threat Protection

Cloud-based email Protection & anti-spam services to filter your emails both in and out.

Cloud Backup

Separate data from your live systems as robust protection from ransomware viruses.


Reliable IT Support so you can focus on your business.

Without having to constantly look over your back you can push your business through the ranks, we’ll sort out the rest.

Why Jameson Lomax?

With our specialist knowledge and years of experience working with technology, we aim to provide the perfect solutions for your specific business requirements and demands.

Tech Specialists

The team at Jameson Lomax are experienced and well knowledgeable in the technology sector.

IT Procurement

The ability to provide and source various equipment in short notice, including laptops, PCs and computer accessories.


We help businesses advance with a range of cost-effective, affordable and successful solutions.


With over 30 years of experience in the trade, Jameson Lomax can a distinctive service to any business.


The security of your data is critical to a successful business.

Data protection is vital, without proper security your business could be at risk from data breaches, cyber attacks or major threats.