Efficient Procurement for your business.

IT procurement is about much more than just finding the lowest cost option. You need a supplier who is impartial, interested in your long-term success, has strong vendor partnerships and will balance cost against quality.


We’ll handle your complete procurement process, from consultation to product supply. We’ll even assist with the installation and ongoing IT support if you need it.

Our Key Solutions

Watchguard Security

• Best in class firewalls for securing networks and easy to use VPN connections for remote workers.• Multi-factor authentication to secure access to your networks and data.• Wifi solutions that provide strong protection from malicious attacks.

Dell PCs, Laptops & Servers

• Reliable, business-class laptops for users requiring mobile computing tools.• Desktop computers suitable for all office locations.• A range of servers & systems with enterprise-grade support that can host critical data & applications.

Microsoft Office 365

• All the benefits of an enterprise email system for low monthly subscription.• Applications and cloud storage options to enable users to work flexibly from home, the office or remotely.• With Microsoft Office 365 applications, make your business more productive.

Trend Micro Antivirus

• Cloud-based security designed to protect all your devices.• A low-maintenance antivirus solution which protects from malware and ransomware.• Protection for employees anywhere, anytime on any device.


Microsoft 365 will boost your performance levels through the roof.

Improve productivity and efficiency With its range of advanced communication & collaborations tools.

Why Jameson Lomax?

With our specialist knowledge and years of experience working with technology, we aim to provide the perfect solutions for your specific business requirements and demands.

Tech Specialists

The team at Jameson Lomax are experienced and well knowledgeable in the technology sector.

IT Procurement

The ability to provide and source various equipment in short notice, including laptops, PCs and computer accessories.


We help businesses advance with a range of cost-effective, affordable and successful solutions.


With over 30 years of experience in the trade, Jameson Lomax can a distinctive service to any business.


The security of your data is critical to a successful business.

Make sure your business critical information is guarded and secure, cyber threats are everywhere, watch out.